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A Guide to Marketing and Sales Alignment

For most growth organizations, marketing only has one function, which is to attract, acquire, grow, retain and recover customers. If you consider this to be five functions, you risk creating a piecemeal marketing operation. Done correctly, they are joined steps in the customer life cycle continuum.

Of this five-step continuum, marketing can only control the first step. The last four steps require alignment with the sales organization. Sales and Marketing alignment defines a symbiotic relationship and orchestrated effort among the company's two top revenue contributors using shared strategies, integrated processes, common technologies and joint success measures. Sales and marketing are separate but synergistic and should be in lockstep to achieve the company's vital goal of revenue growth. More Marketing and Sales alignment ...

Author By Chuck Schaeffer   Calendar 2/22/2019   Trackback Permalink   Hashtag Keyword #salesmarketingalign   Filed In Posted in Marketing



How to Create a Winning CRM Strategy

The top cited reason for CRM software failure and disappointing results is a poor or missing CRM strategy.

Reaching any unknown destination requires a plan and map. CRM strategy is a lot like a map. You need to understand where you are starting from, where you want to go, and invest in some planning to plot the shortest route to get there.

Short change your planning, and your CRM strategy adopts a trial and error approach, which is certain to incur some wrong turns and detours that result in questionable leadership, a more chaotic execution and the waste of valuable time and resources. More CRM strategy ...

Author By Chuck Schaeffer   Calendar 1/2/2019   Trackback Permalink   Hashtag Keyword #crmstrategy   Filed In Posted in CRM Strategy









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