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Association and Nonprofit Best Practices To Acquire, Grow and Retain Members

According to this year's Association Survey Results by GrowthZone, 58% of associations report a decrease or no growth in membership size. That's a troubling statistic. Here are several association and nonprofit best practices being used to increase member acquisitions, engagement and retention. More member best practices ...

Author By Chuck Schaeffer       Calendar 9/3/2017       Trackback Permalink       Comments      Filed In Posted in Industry Software



Blueshift Marketing Software Review

One to one marketing is an often cited but seldom realized goal. Achieving this elusive level of personalized and contextual engagement requires more data, intelligence and automation than has been available to most marketers.

Blueshift is an innovative startup that has created a marketing platform using artificial intelligence (AI) as a core construct; not something that sits at the periphery and extracts or integrates with the marketing application on occasions. The company’s AI collects digital footprints to parse and decipher consumer behaviors into a segment-of-one. The application then applies this individualized data to calculate predictive scores, initiate event-based triggers, recommend next-best-actions or otherwise orchestrate highly relevant multi-channel customer journeys. More Blueshift review ...

Author By Chuck Schaeffer       Calendar 8/20/2017       Trackback Permalink       Comments      Filed In Posted in Marketing Software



Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Hits & Misses in the New CRM Release

Microsoft shared the 2017 Spring Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement release (previously known as Dynamics CRM.) From my perspective, the biggest enhancements are a new user interface (UI), more componentized platform design and new SMB CRM sales and marketing suite. Based on my Dynamics 365 review, here are the most interesting new capabilities.

  • A new UI referred to as the Unified Interface reduces white space and adds styling additions such as page borders, uniform spacing, color themes, text wrapping and field controls styling. It adheres to Responsive Design for write once, deploy anywhere reusability, is used for both online and offline operation, and is form factor adaptive across platforms and devices. It will first be released with SMB Sales, SMB Marketing and Customer Service, and later released for the Enterprise CRM suite. More Dynamics 365 review ...

Author By Chuck Schaeffer       Calendar 7/1/2017       Trackback Permalink       Comments      Filed In Posted in CRM Software



How to Design Your 360 Degree Customer View

The often cited but seldom realized 360-degree customer view is a holistic customer profile record that captures five types of customer data from across channels and systems, aggregates that data to understand what's important to customers, and applies that customer intelligence to deliver personalized and engaging customer experiences and achieve company performance objectives.

Sound easy? It's not. According to Gartner, fewer than 10% of companies have a 360 degree customer view, and only about 5% are able to use this view to systemically grow their businesses. Here's what that 5% know.

A 360 customer view does 3 things. More 360 view ...

Author By Chuck Schaeffer       Calendar 5/28/2017       Trackback Permalink       Comments      Filed In Posted in CRM Strategy



Cognitive Computing Explained

IBM is a thought leader in analytics and using that leadership to drive cognitive systems and cognitive business. In fact, Big Blue says that cognitive computing is the company’s moon shot and its investing billions of dollars for cognitive R&D and go to market.

Naturally, there's some healthy skepticism as to whether cognitive technology delivers upon the promise espoused by IBM or is more of a marketing effort seeking perceived differentiation in a crowded business intelligence market.

From my vantage point, cognitive computing is beyond hyperbole, grounded in science and a disruptive technology that will offer competitive advantage to early adopters. However, I also recognize that cognitive is not well understood and that cognitive messaging is slow to resonate in large part as it is often abstract and not tangible. Until business and IT leaders can understand the technology's purpose, comprehend its unique capabilities and vision it within their own industries and businesses, cognitive will not cross the chasm from early adopters to the early majority. More cognitive computing ...

Author By Chuck Schaeffer       Calendar 4/16/2017       Trackback Permalink       Comments      Filed In Posted in CRM Analytics



The User-First CRM Implementation Approach

Most CRM software implementations state goals in software terms and not people terms. They apply design to software and not user experiences. They emphasize software ascetics over usability. They blindly add features and functions at the expense of simplicity and ease of use. Their project budgets favor investment for technology related tasks while skimping on change management and user training. They operate under the premise that if they build it, the users will come.

Unfortunately, 25 years of CRM software implementation history suggest otherwise. Prioritizing technology over people has clearly contributed to the staggering and often cited CRM failure rate. Fortunately, there's a better way. IBM is the top global system integrator to sponsor and promote the User First approach to enterprise software deployments. This framework positions the user as the North Star and emphasizes objectives, efforts and outcomes in human terms.

Here are the 8 User First building blocks that collectively mitigate pervasive implementation challenges (i.e. user adoption) and advance some of the most talked about but seldom realized high impact outcomes (i.e. user productivity). More User First ...

Author By Chuck Schaeffer       Calendar 3/19/2017       Trackback Permalink       Comments      Filed In Posted in CRM Implementation



The Top Reasons CRM Fails

It's no secret that among the five biggest types of business applications, CRM software has the highest failure rate … by a landslide.

The analyst firms report that 30-50%+ of all CRM deployments fail to achieve their objectives or fail outright. Research also shows the larger the effort the more likely the failure. Given that CRM is a 23 year old industry, and these CRM implementation failure reports continue to repeat themselves year after year, the statistics are cause for some much needed risk analysis and mitigating measures. Below are the top causes of CRM failures, and the preemptive measures that can prevent, mitigate or respond to these challenges. More Top Reasons CRM Fails ...

Author By Chuck Schaeffer       Calendar 2/11/2017       Trackback Permalink       Comments      Filed In Posted in CRM Strategy



Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2017 — What Matters Most in the New Release

Microsoft released its Dynamics CRM 2017 — now with a new name of Dynamics 365 Enterprise customer engagement apps. From my review and perspective, the most significant new features include customer Insights generated from Azure machine learning, a new visual workflow design tool, improved enterprise business intelligence capabilities, more telemetry for health and performance monitoring, and inline editable grids.

Dynamics 365 for Customer and Relationship Insights are services which aggregate customer data from the CRM software and external sources such as social media in order to draw inferences which influence relationship health scores. More Dynamics 365 CRM ...

Author By Chuck Schaeffer       Calendar 1/1/2017       Trackback Permalink       Comments      Filed In Posted in CRM Software










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