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Why Change Management For CRM is in Need of Change

Change is the impetus behind improvement, innovation, evolution and viability. Customers and markets are rapidly evolving. If businesses are not following suit, they are falling behind and deteriorating. However, even with this reality, change is often endorsed by the few imposing the change and contested by the majority receiving the change. For the recipients, change brings uncertainty, skepticism and anxiety.

That's why Organizational Change Management (OCM) strategies are needed to offset the natural resistance to change and sustain the benefits of new business strategies, enabling technologies and business transformation initiatives. More CRM change management ...

Author By Chuck Schaeffer       Calendar 4/30/2016       Trackback Permalink       Comments      Filed In Posted in CRM Implementations



CRM Consolidation — Getting From CRM Siloes to Enterprise Wide CRM

A common challenge of large companies is the consolidation of many separate and siloed CRM systems into a single, enterprise-wide CRM application. Many times large or decentralized businesses accumulate separate CRM systems via acquisitions or departmental initiatives. Here are some recommendations and program governance measures to help get everybody on the same application. More CRM consolidation ...

Author By Chuck Schaeffer       Calendar 2/13/2016       Trackback Permalink       Comments      Filed In Posted in CRM Improvements



Microsoft Power BI Review

Microsoft has long been providing Business Intelligence (BI) platform technologies such as SQL Server Analysis Service (SSAS), but has long been absent from delivering client or presentation layer technologies such as Online Analytical Processing (OLAP). Excel Pivot tables have been around for a while and can facilitate simple multi-dimensional analysis, but Excel’s flexibility threatens data integrity, Excel’s memory limitations limit data set volumes, and this type of solution falls far short of enterprise data warehouse capabilities.

Power BI is Microsoft’s answer to completing the BI continuum. More Power BI review ...

Author By Chuck Schaeffer       Calendar 2/13/2016       Trackback Permalink       Comments      Filed In Posted in Microsoft CRM



The Future of CRM Software

CRM is a business strategy aimed at growing mutually rewarding and profitable customer relationships. CRM software is the enabling technology for CRM strategy. However, there is a disconnect as most CRM systems are internally focused on what's good for the company but lack both purpose and capabilities which inspire customers to grow their relationships with suppliers.

The next generation of CRM technology is needed for two reasons. First, businesses need new strategies and supporting technologies to proactively respond to more empowered customers. Second, CRM software is a 23 year old customer data management technology that lies somewhere between mature and commoditized. It's time for a technology refresh. Here's what's needed for the future of CRM software.

A New Purpose

CRM software must transition from an internally focused, sales driven, customer data management application designed for monologue communication, process efficiency and cost reductions, to an externally focused, conversation driven, customer engagement application designed to engage customers in dialogues across channels, deliver consistent and rewarding customer experiences, and build customer relationships based in part on goals important to customers. More CRM future ...

Author By Chuck Schaeffer       Calendar 1/9/2016       Trackback Permalink       Comments      Filed In Posted in CRM Software



Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 — What Matters Most in the New Release

Microsoft released Dynamics CRM 2016 today. The goals for this release include improved integration with Office 365 and Azure machine learning; new customer service capabilities; continuation of mobile; inclusions of the recently acquired FieldOne and FantasySalesTeam applications; and a list of new CRM enhancements that includes tighter integration with Excel/Word and some improvements to the Outlook client.

From what I’ve seen so far, the new features likely to get the most utilization include offline mobile and tighter integration to Excel and Word templates. This later feature continues Microsoft's 'productivity' theme and will facilitate common use cases such as the creation of proposals or the export of pipelines to Excel, Pivot tables or Power BI. I also think the improved integration with Cortana and Azure Machine Learning looks promising, but is still in early days.

Microsoft's prior release of the Unified Service Desk (USD) – a configurable framework for integrating what is often a plethora of contact center applications so that agents can get a unified view of the customer – signaled its intention to put much more emphasis in its customer service application. The Dynamics CRM 2016 release continues the customer service evolution with updated forms and a dashboard it calls the Interactive Services Hub. More Microsoft CRM release ...

Author By Chuck Schaeffer       Calendar 12/13/2015       Trackback Permalink       Comments      Filed In Posted in Microsoft CRM










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