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Much of the customer relationship management research, information and conversation tends to be without an industry perspective. This CRMsearch channel is exclusively focused on expanding the conversation with market research, expert insight and peer advice delivered by industry. The end goal is to increase CRM software information relevance for readers and community participants by focusing on the unique objectives, constraints, requirements and criteria in their industries. CRM Industries
CRM Software For Vertical Markets
Vertical market CRM software solutions deliver increased fit, capability and automation for unique industry needs. While traditional CRM vendors such as Oracle and SAP offer dozens of industry solutions, the SaaS & cloud CRM providers are just delivering new vertical CRM systems at a feverish pace. Industry specific CRM software represents a growth market opportunity for the CRM industry.

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CRM Industry Software

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Association and Nonprofit Best Practices To Acquire, Grow and Retain Members
Members According to this year's Association Survey Results by GrowthZone, 58 percent of associations report a decrease or no growth in membership size. Here are several association and nonprofit best practices being used by industry leaders to increase member acquisitions, engagement and retention, and in turn, grow their organizations.
3 stars
The Top 2 Needed Shifts in Consumer Product Goods Business Growth Strategies
CPG CRM More connected, informed, empowered and demanding consumers require most consumer product goods (CPG) companies to make compensating shifts to their business growth strategies in order to accommodate the shifts in consumer behaviors and improve their supply chains ability to adapt to more fluid market demand.
3.5 stars
Telecommunications Firms Answer the Call for CRM in the Cloud
Telecom CRM Telecommunications firms are hearing the call for cloud-based CRM, and CRM suppliers are eagerly pursuing mutually beneficial partnerships that can help them acquire more user subscriptions at businesses around the globe. Verizon resells SAP CRM in the cloud, BT offers SugarCRM and NetSuite to its telecom base and Verecloud offers Intalio CRM.
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CRM For Life Sciences — Challenges and Benefits
Life Sciences CRM This article tells why life sciences CRM is different than horizontal CRM, identifies the top business challenges in the life sciences industry (including biotech, pharma, cosmetics and medical device companies) and also shares how Customer Relationship Management software and strategy can directly respond to these challenges.
3.5 stars
CRM For Life Sciences — Managing Compliance Requirements
CRM for Life Sciences For life sciences companies, transparency disclosure requirements such as the Sunshine Act make compliance in areas such as customer communications and clinical research mission critical, fluid and multifaceted. Here's how life sciences businesses can manage and automate compliance measures with CRM software, content management software and enterprise social networks.
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Pharma CRM—Good For What Ails
Pharma CRM CRM in the pharma industry is more about influencer relationships than customer relationships, and influencer relationship management has strict legal and ethical requirements regarding how close drug companies can get with the physicians that are the influencers. With an indirect route to customers and a slew of federal requirements, specialist CRM vendors have emerged to accommodate pharma CRM.
3.5 stars
Leveraging CRM Software in Higher Education
Higher Education CRM Higher education CRM software systems are being used to streamline operations, cut costs, enhance revenue generation activities and improve management. The advantages of Constituent Relationship Management software and strategies are overwhelming. Shared and centralized donor data can be mined to produce new insights about the donor base and new potential campaigns.
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The Professional Services CRM Market Is In Full Swing
Professional Services CRM The Professional Services CRM software market is increasingly adopting cloud computing, SaaS solutions as well as integration with professional services automation (PSA) systems. However, this industry faces some unique challenges regarding CRM software selection and deployment. This article applies an industry perspective to the customer relationship management software market.
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The SaaS CRM Market Is Evolving Vertically
SaaS Evolution SaaS software providers are beginning to abandon their generic all-things-to-all-people product approach and instead refine their products to meet specific industry and customer market segmentation needs. There are deep business process and functional differences for many vertical markets. Catering to these differences will provide the next chapter of SaaS CRM evolution.

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More References

  • provides some good CRM software industry content for the financial services, government, healthcare, telecommunications and professional services markets.

  • provides a vertical market directory for various CRM industry solutions.




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