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HubSpot Review

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HubSpot Best Fit & Alternative Solutions

Sweet Spot
Short list HubSpot when:

  • You are a small business who is not tech savvy and looking for a broad solution to accommodate blogging, social media and entry-level marketing automation, and you want a solution that will walk you through step by step.
  • You are seeking to automate marketing and lead management processes (such as digital lead tracking, lead acquisition, lead scoring, nurture campaigns, etc.) for the first time.
  • You believe in the HubSpot mission and power of inbound marketing and desire a solution to support content marketing/inbound marketing.
  • You are a small business with fewer than 50 employees and 1 (or a few) marketing staff, and seek a simple to use and quick to deploy marketing automation software system. With fewer feature sets, configuration options and administrative functionality, the marketing software has limits but can be up and running quickly.
  • Internal technical resources are light. HubSpot software is less technically complex to implement than comparable marketing automation solutions. Further, while many vendors claim to provide some up front assistance, HubSpot’s same claim goes beyond the talk, and actually delivers the hands-on assistance to on-board new customers and get those new customers to a production environment.

Alternative Solutions
Marketing software buyers may be best advised to consider alternative marketing automation software products in the following circumstances:

  • Larger enterprises with subsidiaries, larger numbers of marketing staff and sophisticated marketing programs, including offline events and programs.
  • You are an enterprise or decentralized organization with multiple marketers and require sophisticated user access and security permission controls.
  • You use a CRM software system other than or SugarCRM and desire a vendor-managed integration.
  • You want more flexibility and control over your marketing assets (i.e. landing pages, forms, nurture campaigns, etc.)
  • You’re concerned about vendor lock-in, portability or migration paths. If you use the HubSpot CMS, it can be tough to leave HubSpot and take your content with you. It can be done, but its technically challenging, laborious and difficult.
  • You're a global company that seeks international functionality and local or regional support outside the United States.

HubSpot Competitors

HubSpot marketing automation software competitors include Act-On Software, Manticore, Marketo Spark and Pardot in the SMB market; and eTrigue, Gennoo, Loopfuse, MarketingPilot, Net-Results, TrueInfluence and a slew of many others in the small business market.

In the SEO and blogging/CMS space, the two primary options are to pursue a best of breed strategy with purpose built tools or seek a HubSpot-like all-in-one alternative such as Kentico, RavenTools, RhinoSEO or Spectate.

HubSpot Pricing

HubSpot software pricing is based upon the software edition (Basic, Professional or Enterprise), the number of contacts (opt-on contacts to be marketed to) and contract commitment (monthly or annual).

HubSpot software editions (Basic, Pro and Enterprise) support up to 50 users, unlimited landing pages and forms and up to 100 campaigns. They may also include telephone support.

Pricing starts from a few hundred dollars for the minimal functionality and a small system to between $1K and $2K for more of a standard mid-market configuration. Additional fees for training are required, and additional optional fees for select services (i.e. website migration) may apply. See the HubSpot pricing page for specifics.

Relatively speaking, HubSpot is priced in the middle of the pack—it’s less than some systems (Eloqua, Marketo and Silverpop) and more than others (Act-On Software, Pardot, Marketo Spark and the slew of SMB providers).

Concluding Remarks

It’s such a simple but elusive idea. Give customers what they want—remarkable content to educate them and aid their purchase process—and those customers will in turn engage the supplier. Instead, masses of marketers continue to employ interruption-based marketing techniques in order to shout and shock their way into a dialogue. And as buyers become expert in tuning out the noise, too many marketers seek to one-up their filters in a cat and mouse game which only further alienates buyers. With the rise of social customers, buyers now have the option to completely bypass sellers until they down select a short list of the most qualified vendors. With the undeniable change in purchase power from sellers to buyers, only those sellers with a value-add will be fortunate enough to engage buyers and be included in those short-lists.

HubSpot aims to provide the tools and advice to replace grossly ineffective outbound marketing techniques with compelling content and inbound marketing. As advised by Dharmesh Shah, CTO and co-founder, “HubSpot empowers our customers to do inbound marketing right, by attracting leads using extraordinary content and then converting them using highly personalized context.”

Hubspot has become a market leader in the “Get Found” SEO tools suite category it created as well as in the marketing automation software industry. But its current position is only a start. Since the company’s origin, it has aimed to be a 100 year old, multi-billion dollar business comparable to the likes of Hewlett Packard,, Google or

It’s approach to inbound marketing has fueled growth achieved by very few competitors, but looking ahead, management believes another growth strategy is in developing an enterprise-level “personalization engine” that would create “the end of static websites that are the same for everyone.” In fact, the executive team believes this is a bigger market opportunity than all of inbound marketing.

It’s rare to see the kind of success and hyper growth that Hubspot is experiencing. It requires vision, recognizing a fundamental business problem and delivering innovation to solve such a problem that is enthusiastically received by the market. This is what HubSpot has achieved thus far. End


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Guest Finn Kraus
  Very helpful and well thought out hubspot review. I think hubspot should be included in the same conversation with Oracle marketing cloud (Eloqua), Marketo and Salesforce marketing cloud (Pardot), but too many relegate the company to just its SEO tools, which are good, but the company's marketing automation is what gets leads through the funnel, and in my opinion, the much bigger value.

Guest Murrey P
  I'm also a HubSpot user and enjoyed this review. HubSpot delivers great marketing software and a lot of helpful advice. The software lacks some key marketing automation features cited in this review, but between their online Marketplace and their frequency of new releases, I'm hopeful that many of these issues will be resolved with time.

Guest Colleen Sinclair
  That's a comprehensive review! We're a HubSpot user and you hit the major issues on the head.



HubSpot Review

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