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HubSpot Review


HubSpot CRM & Other Integration

The HubSpot Marketplace displays CRM integration for several popular CRM systems including Highrise CRM, Infusionsoft, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, NetSuite CRM, Nimble,, SugarCRM and Zoho. Marketing software buyers should be aware that some CRM integrations (Salesforce and SugarCRM) are supported by HubSpot while others are supported by partners (and not supported by HubSpot) and may include additional fees. And like most marketing software applications which support data exchange with multiple CRM partners, the strongest of the integrations is clearly with

HubSpot is currently on its version 3 Salesforce connector and this most recent version is built on the platform and part of AppExchange. We’re big fans of user reviews and at the time of this HubSpot review, HubSpot had accumulated a perfect 5 star rating (of 11 reviews) on AppExchange.

HubSpot can sync either lead or contact record data with and display that data in sections called “Contact Information” (for Contact data) and “Salesforce Information” (for account data). While the integration is a bidirectional sync of leads and contacts, HubSpot does sync campaign profiles which may in turn impact the ability to get marketing reporting out of the CRM system (as the CRM system possesses opportunity data not residing in the marketing software). updates will override HubSpot contact record fields however HubSpot data updates will not override the Salesforce record.

Despite an otherwise reasonable CRM integration, sales staff cannot send emails from their Outlook or Gmail system and have those emails sync with the HubSpot lead record. Also, HubSpot does not support real-time sales alerts. This is a setback for sales staff that want to be notified when named contacts or accounts are interacting with the website or engaging with marketing content but not necessarily completing an online form or similar record update.

System Integration Options

HubSpot offers an API for system integration as well as a Web hook feature which can configure data exchange scenarios for simple items such as posts from form submits into legacy systems. My review of the API demonstrated that the code is well documented and somewhat flexible. For example, the API includes the following:

  • Access Lead Detail – To get all of your lead's information from HubSpot using the API.
  • Lead Intelligence - Get HubSpot lead behaviors.
  • REST - HubSpot uses a RESTful API.
  • JSON - All of your calls and responses can be made with JSON.

It’s incumbent upon the customer seeking integration or the use of third party products to verify the HubSpot product that supports their intended use. For example, the HubSpot API is only available with the Pro and Enterprise editions. Similarly, E-commerce and CRM integration are only available with the Pro and Enterprise editions. Outlook and chat integration are only available with the Enterprise version. Similarly, be sure to validate the product for which you intend to integrate to HubSpot. For example, the SugarCRM HubSpot integration only works with the commercial versions of SugarCRM (not the Community edition).

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HubSpot Review


HubSpot Review


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