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HubSpot Review


Website Integration & Dynamic Content

HubSpot is one of the very few marketing automation software solutions able to use lead behaviors and list segmentation for more than just email personalization. The HubSpot Call To Action (CTA) feature delivers dynamic website images in order to deliver more personalized offers on your website, and this behavior can be applied to both anonymous visitors and known leads which aids moving those leads through the funnel.

In defining CTAs, the list segmentation feature has advanced from the three criteria of Forms, Lists, and Properties to also include new Timeline criterion for visitor activities or events on the website, such as if the lead clicked a button, visited a particular page, watched a video, completed a form, responded to an email, made a purchase, watched a demo or mentioned your brand on Twitter. Using these lead behaviors, you can create more relevant lists and then configure CTAs based on the lists.

For example, HubSpot CTA can display an offer based on the type of content consumed on the website using the Bookmarklet feature for Event creation. The configuration uses a Bookmarklet to tag a given page, create a user defined Event name, permit users to copy some Embed code to the website page (if not using a HubSpot-built landing page), and then displays an offer for visitors that consumed that page.

Similarly, to display a custom offer based on the type of content the visitor consumed over many pages, you can configure a custom event (in part using HubSpot’s Custom JavaScript feature) to tag website pages, embed a code snippet to each of those pages, and accumulate reader behavior across pages to display the right offers. CTA images can also be configured to reflect sales cycle phases, personas, industries or other segmentation derived from lead behaviors.

A good practice may be to use a default or generic CTA with first time anonymous visitors and then begin adjusting offers based upon visitor activities and types of content consumed.

HubSpot Social Marketing

HubSpot provides social media tools to include share buttons on content, capture leads on Facebook or use the Twitter API to pull queries related to leads or contacts (i.e. display all leads with > 1000 followers). It also uses a central page to manage multiple social accounts in a single interface as well as post, schedule your post or reply without leaving the HubSpot interface.

While several marketing automation software solutions can include trackable links from social networks, they’re really just delivering source or referral information (which you can also get from your Google Analytics). HubSpot brings more intelligence to social network integration by attributing leads to social sources. By identifying social media links and tracking their behaviors, marketers know not just how many referrals they received, but how many of those referrals converted to leads and customers. This is the type of information required to make investment decisions not just on traffic, but on proven results.

On the downside, more advanced social marketing features such as games, polls, promotions, surveys, contests or rewards components which attract engagement and expand campaign reach are not available.

Marketing Analytics

HubSpot is strong in delivering the reporting that most matters to marketers—such as how leads found you, what content they consumed, which campaigns are top performers and which efforts acquired the most qualified leads. HubSpot also does a good job at comparing campaigns using equivalent metrics such as conversions, leads and customer acquisitions. More advanced reporting such as multi-attribution analysis is beyond the scope of this application.

While HubSpot marketing reporting works in tandem with the CRM integration of choice, and the full analytics benefit can only be obtained with a combination of both marketing and integrated CRM software, HubSpot customers without an integrated CRM system can manually designate closed or won sale opportunities on their lead management page to close the loop and update performance reporting.

Marketing over many channels is an increasing challenge for marketers. Further, the volume of lead behaviors along with a non-stop growth in the number of social channels is creating big data even for small companies. And the truth is very few companies are harnessing this big data for continuous process improvement. HubSpot, along with most of its competitors, do not deliver the tools that are most conducive to leveraging this data—tools such as data marts, data warehousing and online analytical processing (OLAP). Unfortunately, HubSpot also does not offer a custom report writer. We’re hopeful that in the future these tools which be offered in an integrated fashion.

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HubSpot Review


HubSpot Review



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