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HubSpot Review


HubSpot Strengths & Weaknesses

Competitive positioning in the marketing software industry is highlighted with the following strengths and weaknesses.

HubSpot Strengths

  • Website Integration—HubSpot’s Call To Action (CTA) feature is a unique standout in the marketing automation software industry. This function permits customers to apply lead behaviors to dynamic website images in order to deliver more personalized offers. In fact, offers can be tailored for anonymous and known leads, and can reflect the types of content consumed or the lead’s sales cycle phase, industry, persona, or other criteria derived from digital footprints.
  • Online Ecosystem—The HubSpot Marketplace is a growing online ecosystem of third party applications and services which make the marketing software more extensible and potentially increase the value for HubSpot customers.
  • Simplicity—Ease of use is a design hallmark for this application. The interface offers a clean UI that leverages lessons from consumer technologies to deliver a simple and rewarding user experience.
  • Reasonable financial value—A fairly priced SaaS subscription fee and professional service fees for implementation advice offer a reasonable value proposition for the SMB target market.
  • Quick time to value—With a low cost of entry and quick time to deployment, HubSpot software is a strong ‘starter’ marketing automation system for companies looking to make the transition from a manual environment to a fist-time automated environment.
  • Strong management team—High growth companies always incur growing pains. It takes a veteran management team to manage this growth so that these pains are not passed on to customers. The HubSpot executive management team is atypically talented and capable of balancing vision with operational execution. While there will be some bumps in the road, HubSpot appears able to manage its growth without negatively impacting customers along the way.
  • All-in-One Platform—While beyond the scope of this marketing automation software review, when including the CMS, SEO and Social Media tools, the value may be extended as small companies may benefit from this one-stop-shop platform approach.

HubSpot Weaknesses

  • Broad but not deep—The marketing application is very easy to use as long as you stay within the marketing software constructs. However, the product has more breadth than depth and you may find that your marketing objectives or software functionality requirements exceed the application. Further, a lack of design tools or software customization capabilities may leave you without viable options.
  • Lack of advanced tools—HubSpot does not offer a Platform as a Service (PaaS) suite or tool in order to make the software more extensible, customizable or adapt to functional voids. Similarly it lacks a report writer for access to information and a Business Process Management (BPM)/workflow tool to define more flexible automation with campaign execution, lead scoring, lead transfers and other marketing processes.
  • Cloud Risk—the company does not possess SSAE 16 (SAS 70), ISO 27001 and other recognized data center certifications. Also with no demonstrable ISMS (Information Security Management System) or Service Level Agreement, information security preparedness and system uptime assurance are a mystery.
  • Lack of global capabilities—With no multi-currency management, multiple language sets, data centers outside the U.S., European governance certifications and very sparse resourcing outside North America, the company’s global expansion is unclear.
  • HubSpot provides the greatest value for small businesses that have yet to implement SEO methods and techniques along with marketing automation. Organizations that have already implemented one side or the other may not find as much value.

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HubSpot Review


HubSpot Review


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