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Manufacturer success is dependent upon recurring orders and keeping valuable customers. However, customer driven market shifts and new types of competitors are requiring manufacturers to become more agile and more customer focused. Manufacturers are turning to CRM strategies and software for increased customer engagement, Partner Relationship Management (PRM), field services technology, Configure-Price-Quote automation and improved demand forecasting. Manufacturing CRM Software
CRM Software For Manufacturers
Manufacturers are using CRM software in innovative ways — to empower customers with self-service, empower field staff with mobility, improve quoting with CPQ and order entry configurators, expand to lower cost sales and distribution channels, improve forecasting and sales win rates, and respond to the market demand for more tailored products.

Manufacturing Industry CRM Strategies and Technologies
CRM Industry Software

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How to Use Big Data in Manufacturing
Manufacturing Big Data Big data can deliver powerful insights to manufacturers to spur improved product forecasting, more successful product introductions, improvements to the supply chain and much more. When equipping products with sensors, machine generated big data can show how a product is being consumed, when maintenance is needed and when the product is approaching the end of its useful life.
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How Manufacturing CPQ Software Simplifies Complex Selling
Manufacturing CPQ Software Standardized products are on the decline. Customers want more custom products and services, with more options and variations. In response, manufacturers are turning to new Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software solutions in order to simplify and reduce the time needed to create quotes and take sale orders for complex products.
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Configure Price Quote Best Practices
CPQ Software Best Practices Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software is becoming increasingly symbiotic with CRM software and delivering new strategic capabilities to manufacturers. This article shares analyst research which quantifies the measurable benefits achieved by CPQ software adopters and the top CPQ best practices so that you can also achieve best if class performance.
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Contract Lifecycle Management Software
Contract Management Software Manufacturers of complex products face plenty of challenges in the sales cycle, such as completing complex contracts which are labor intensive, prone to error and tend to delay sales cycles. Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) software can resolve these challenges and as supporting research shows, can grow revenues at the same time.
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The Rise of Field Services CRM
Field Services CRM Field services CRM has evolved from Field Force Automation Systems to CRM software applications designed to support field based staff and business objectives. The integration of field services automation and CRM combines to support technician dispatch, work orders, project delivery, increased sales, invoicing and consistently meeting customer expectations.
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Field Services CRM: Four Essential Best Practices
CRM Field Services Effective field services CRM utilization can limit the number of trips necessary to deliver services, drive upsell and cross sell opportunities, ensure service agreement renewals are not missed, enhance customer loyalty and improve the overall customer experience. Here we identify the top 4 field services CRM best practices to achieve these business objectives.
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CRM For Life Sciences — Challenges and Benefits
Life Sciences CRM This article tells why life sciences CRM is different than horizontal CRM, identifies the top business challenges in the life sciences industry (including biotech, pharma, cosmetics and medical device companies) and also shares how Customer Relationship Management software and strategy can directly respond to these challenges.
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CRM For Life Sciences — Managing Compliance Requirements
CRM for Life Sciences For life sciences companies, transparency disclosure requirements such as the Sunshine Act make compliance in areas such as customer communications and clinical research mission critical, fluid and multifaceted. Here's how life sciences businesses can manage and automate compliance measures with CRM software, content management software and enterprise social networks.
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Pharma CRM—Good For What Ails
Pharma CRM CRM in the pharma industry is more about influencer relationships than customer relationships, and influencer relationship management has strict legal and ethical requirements regarding how close drug companies can get with the physicians that are the influencers. With an indirect route to customers and a slew of federal requirements, specialist CRM vendors have emerged to accommodate pharma CRM.



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