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PhaseWare Software Review


Additional PhaseWare Capabilities

Tracker Mobile

Tracker Mobile is the mobile-based version of Tracker. The customer support application generally fits well on smart phone form factors and supports simple help desk functions such as quick incident scanning with drill down to customer profiles, incident records and journal entry details. Data is not stored locally on the mobile device, requiring Web connectivity at all times. It should also be noted that Tracker mobile is not device (i.e. iOS or Droid) specific.

Social Media & Social CRM

While PhaseWare does enable community forums and peer to peer support through its Knowledge Base, it does not offer social media or social network integration with sites such as Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. This means complaints and referrals placed on the social Web need to be separately monitored and addressed by an assigned agent or they will be missed altogether.

A lack of social media and social CRM integration is a serious shortcoming in terms of monitoring external customer complaints, identifying new sale opportunities and engaging social customers. An oft quoted statistic over the last two decades has been that one unhappy customer will share that bad experience with an average of eight to ten people, and one-fifth of those customers will tell 20 or more. With the proliferation of social media, those figures have ballooned. Today, an unhappy customer can instantly alert hundreds or thousands of people about a poor experience or problem with a single tweet, Facebook page update, blog post or other social channel update. Help desks and contact centers need the ability to monitor brand and product mentions, filter out noise, gauge sentiment (emotion), prioritize what requires immediate attention, and quickly route incidents for follow-up to save customer relationships and respond before they escalate out of control. Social media integration is needed so that companies can minimize negative impact to their brands over social media channels as well as capitalize on social media's strength and pervasiveness to promote their identity and grow their brand.

Workforce Management

Tracker Admin controls administrative settings through the Event Engine. Administrators can create or remove users and control restrictions and security permissions. They can also monitor agent activity and effectiveness through automatically generated reports and Tracker Dashboards. Alert notifications can be sent to administrators based on unusual customer or problem activity, queue congestion, and SLA compliance warnings. Also, the Tracker dashboards are further highly customizable making visibility of key metrics an easier task for administrators. Due to small size of the PhaseWare target market, more sophisticated workforce management and resource allocation software is seldom a requirement.

Reporting & Analytics

Tracker has a host of pre-made customer service reports available including agent activity, agent success, customer activity, billing, and ticket information. These are baseline reports and could be improved by a partnership with a strong analytics provider. But for basic "here's where you stand" metrics, the current reporting and simple analytics offering is sufficient for most small business help desk needs.

Tracker Dashboards bring real-time visibility to SLA compliance and incident management with up-to-the-minute reporting on incidents over user-defined time periods. The customer support software also includes alerts, auto-reminders and automatic report distributions based on a preset schedule or threshold activity values.

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PhaseWare Tracker


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