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PhaseWare Software Review


PhaseWare Strengths and Weaknesses

Competitive positioning in the cloud CRM customer service software market is highlighted with the following strengths and weaknesses.

PhaseWare Strengths

  • PhaseWare's configuration and event engine permit automated customer support for many types of service activities, thereby aiding labor productivity while improving service consistency and ultimately customer loyalty, satisfaction and referrals.
  • Tracker's price point and feature-set are well-suited to the small business market.
  • Tracker is both customizable and scalable. It is versatile and flexible enough to serve most small and some medium sized businesses.
  • Tracker is designed to be installed, customized and maintained with little to no IT involvement. This is advantageous to small companies with limited IT resources.
  • The Event Engine and Mail Checker automatically generate and update tickets from multiple email boxes.
  • Tracker automatically generates reports on agent activity, agent success, billing, customer activity, and ticket information. Additionally, administrators can monitor agent activity through Tracker Dashboards.
  • The Self Service Center gives the business the power to make custom FAQs, forums, downloads, notices, and published reports available to clients. This section is searchable and viewable to anyone with permissions from the company.
  • Tracker is available on premise, as SaaS and on mobile devices.

PhaseWare Weaknesses

  • Tracker is only available in English. Companies with international business or with non-English speaking staff will probably not be well-served by this product.
  • Tracker does not provide Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) or Intelligent Voice Recognition (IVR). While Tracker is excellent for email and self-service online, vendors that focus more on call center customer service and want that system to be more advanced may not be satisfied with Tracker.
  • Tracker has no system for consumer social media integration or social CRM objectives. Companies aspiring to become social enterprises or just keep track of customer comments on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn or other social networks will have to use other tools.
  • This help desk software is extremely reliant on the Microsoft stack. Any company not running Microsoft products may find this product difficult and time-consuming to implement and maintain.
  • Like many customer service software solutions for the SMB market, Tracker requires an investment of time, effort and resources to deploy and run – possibly including an adaptation of business processes.
  • PhaseWare has one data center location, does not have a minimum uptime guarantee and offers no formal Service Level Agreement.
  • With no integrated Sales Force Automation (SFA) and marketing software modules, customers may not be able to achieve a 360 degree customer view.

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