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The Future of Sales

The sales profession is in transition. It's quickly shifting from an offline, seller-driven push-based model toward a digital-first, data-driven and buyer-focused response. There are four unmistakable buyer-led trends that will define the future of sales. Those sellers who adjust and embrace these trends will outperform those that do not. More future of sales ...

Author By Chuck Schaeffer  Calendar 6/27/2021   Trackback Permalink   Hashtag Keyword #sales   Filed In Posted in Sales



A 3 Step Framework to Reallocate Sales Time for Improved Sales Performance

Sales managers are acutely aware that sales reps spend less than half their time selling. But Best-In-Class sales companies pursue continuous efforts that incrementally shift sellers most limited resource—time—away from nebulous task-based activities to customer engagement that delivers measurable sales outcomes. Here's how they do it. More sales improvement ...

Author By Chuck Schaeffer  Calendar 5/22/2021   Trackback Permalink   Hashtag Keyword #sales   Filed In Posted in Sales



How Much Should You Invest in Innovation?

Apple invests 5% of its revenues in R&D. Facebook invests 13%, Google 16% and Amazon now invests 28% in R&D. So how much should you invest? Here are perspectives and methods to align innovation budgeting with revenue targets, provide comparison to peers and industry averages, and suggest how much money you may want to invest to achieve your innovation goals. More innovation ...

Author By Chuck Schaeffer  Calendar 4/4/2021   Trackback Permalink   Hashtag Keyword #innovation   Filed In Posted in CRM Improve



The Salesforce CRM Renewal Dilemma

For many Salesforce customers the CRM renewal comes with a surprise. They are told they need to upgrade to the next CRM pricing tier, or their initial CRM purchase was some type of sweetheart deal that is now expired, or some other factor that results in a price increase. The price escalations often range from 15 to 50 percent. Unless they previously negotiated price caps what choice do they have? Fortunately, they do have options. Here they are. More Salesforce renewal dilemma ...

Author By Chuck Schaeffer  Calendar 3/21/2021   Trackback Permalink   Hashtag Keyword #salesforce   Filed In Posted in CRM Selection



CRM Software Request for Proposals: Valuable Discovery or Waste of Time?

Most CRM software RFPs fail to surface measurable weaknesses, limitations and meaningful differences among competing CRM applications. There are three methods to improve upon ineffective RFPs. You can fix them for moderate results, append them for better results or replace them for the best results. This post shows how to improve or replace CRM RFPs. More CRM RFP improvements ...

Author By Chuck Schaeffer   Calendar 3/7/2021   Trackback Permalink   Hashtag Keyword #crm-select   Filed In Posted in CRM Selection



Is Salesforce Worth the Price Premium?

Salesforce is the market share leader. That position has earned the company a significant price premium when compared to alternatives such as Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle CX and SAP CRM. Whether the price premium pays dividends or just results in higher total cost of ownership (TCO) depends on how you use it. This article explains when the price premium makes sense, and when it doesn't. More Salesforce Price Premium ...

Author By Chuck Schaeffer   Calendar 2/28/2021   Trackback Permalink   Hashtag Keyword #retailcrm   Filed In Posted in CRM Software



How to Choose the Best CRM Software for your Retail Company

When looking for the best retail CRM software many novices evaluate technology features. That's a mistake as CRM software features and functions may or may not deliver retail business results. A better approach is to start with the most strategic retail objectives and then identify the CRM software capabilities that directly accelerate those goals. More Retail CRM selection ...

Author By Chuck Schaeffer   Calendar 2/7/2021   Trackback Permalink   Hashtag Keyword #retailcrm   Filed In Posted in Retail CRM



CRM Selection Insights that I've learned from 30 Years of CRM Consulting

CRM software selection insights share learning that reduces time and increases the likelihood of finding the best CRM software for your company. Based on more than three decades of CRM consulting experience, this post shares some of the most important CRM software selection insights to make the best decision when choosing CRM software. More CRM selection experience ...

Author By Chuck Schaeffer   Calendar 1/24/2021   Trackback Permalink   Hashtag Keyword #bestcrm   Filed In Posted in CRM Selection



What is Customer Relationship Management?

For many people reviewing CRM software, CRM is not what they think it is. Well, that is, if they think that CRM is software. That's an easy mistake to make. The truth is CRM software is a tool to achieve CRM, and CRM is a business strategy aimed at growing mutually rewarding customer relationships at scale. Understanding how the two work together delivers the most impactful results. More CRM defined ...

Author By Chuck Schaeffer     Calendar 1/3/2021   Trackback Permalink     Hashtag Keyword #crmdefined     Filed In Posted in CRM Software









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