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It's here, it's supported by the industry's thought leaders and media partners, and it's a much needed shot in the arm for innovative Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and social CRM providers and the customers who will benefit from their solutions. The CRM Idol competition will vet small but innovative CRM software publishers from around the world in order to discover those solutions that most deserve more public attention. And community participation counts. The primary CRM judges, the extended judges and the community at large all play a role in discovering the next generation of CRM leaders. CRM Idol
About CRM Idol
CRM Idol is a unique opportunity for CRM and social CRM software providers to make their pitches to the industry's most recognized influencers and advocates and connect with bloggers, analysts, venture capitalists, global integrators and technology alliance partners—all while garnering valuable media coverage and highly focused publicity.
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What It's About

Small companies trying to make a name for themselves have a golden opportunity. But as CRM thought leader Paul Greenberg is candid in mentioning, "it's easy to enter but difficult to win."

CRM Idol is an opportunity for small business CRM providers to show their solutions in front of the most influential CRM and social CRM thought leaders and analysts—and get both the feedback and publicity to hone their stuff and accelerate their growth. Five member all star judging panels evaluate the CRM presentations and publish reviews for each solution. There's certainly no guarantee the reviews will be favorable, but they will be fair and constructive.

From a competition pool of global contestants, 22 have made the short list. The final CRM Idol will be awarded a number of generous prizes, but certainly the greatest prize is the publicity delivered by the influencers, bloggers, media and other participants that have been assembled like no other venue before. This is a real opportunity for the less heard CRM solutions to make something happen.

And Why Is This Important?

Because the CRM software market is fragmented—and identifying great market niche solutions, specialty products, vertical systems and tomorrow's leaders advances customers and suppliers in lock step.

The big 4 CRM players (Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft) account for less than half of the CRM market. There is no one best system for diverse customer markets and even more wide-ranging customer strategies. Forward thinking enterprises constantly push the envelope in applying varied and innovative customer strategies. Automating, measuring and reporting for these strategies takes innovative CRM software. No single CRM software product can accommodate all market factors such as company size, geo or industry as well as a virtually unlimited number of company specific strategies. CRM Idol goes below the mainstream media radar to seek out those solutions that may satisfy an otherwise under served market demand.

Several small and emerging growth CRM providers have talented teams and compelling software solutions, but often times lack the needed exposure to aid their ascent. CRM Idol offers that exposure along with the advice and constructive criticism of the industry's most recognized thought leaders and advocates.





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