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Eloqua Marketing Capabilities Review

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Eloqua Review—Additional Capabilities

Additional key capabilities in the Eloqua marketing automation software include the following:

  • Social media or social CRM capabilities are provided with Eloqua's Social Suite, as well as social media sharing and reporting features. Marketers can insert sharable links into emails or landing pages, use RSS feeds to dynamically update campaign content, and track traffic from social networks and social media sites. With an insert hyperlink function, marketers can choose the link type to insert (such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Delicious, Digg or others) on emails or landing pages in order to empower readers to push your messages into their social networks and expand your reach. For marketers wanting to repurpose blog content or leverage user generated content from other sites, the RSS feed function can retrieve website content and push it into a campaign. This is useful for making campaigns more dynamic as well as being handy for marketers short on in-house content. Eloqua's social reporting also begins the process of bringing elusive measurability to social media campaigns. Marketing campaigns can be setup to track traffic and leads from individual social networks as well as append social media activity into lead profiles for both marketers and sales staff.
  • The Eloqua Prospect Discover tool is designed to give sales staff a real-time view of the most active and qualified prospects. A graphical dashboard-like page displays leads with visual indicators (Stars) tied to buy signals and activities with color coded recency indicators. In fact, a mouse hover-over of the buy signals icon will further display a pop-up window with the 10 most recent buy signals individually listed. Or a mouse hover-over of a recent visitor activity can also show all other visitors activities from that same company. This tool can be integrated with the sales teams CRM system for more convenient access and use. This is an effective tool for sales pros to know which prospects are active and where they should be spending their time.
  • The Eloqua for Microsoft Outlook plug-in allows marketers, sales staff and other Outlook users to click an 'Eloqua Templates' button from within Outlook and select from a list of approved email templates. All emails are tracked so email performance reports—such as emails delivered, bounced, opened or clicked-through—are immediately available. Emails sent from Outlook also update the marketing system activity history.
  • Eloqua is one of the few marketing automation systems to support event management with registrations, capacity limits, wait lists, session registration, cancellation processes and automated follow-ups and reminders. Event management does not support payment processing or any type of facilities management.
  • Eloqua is also one of the few marketing automation systems to go beyond digital channels and support print campaigns. A PrintMail function creates personalized direct mail documents. Print campaigns follow the same setup as other campaigns, but upload a Quark Xpress file which the system then uses to create a print quality PDF document that can then be transmitted to an Eloqua designated printer or exported to a file and sent to a printer of choice.
  • Another unique function among predominantly digital marketing systems is the Call OnDemand outbound telephone marketing. Telephone messaging campaigns are built like other campaigns, except that they include a call script. The script can include dynamic content blocks and field mapping for personalization. Once the campaign setup is complete, a file is sent to a contact center where call center software queues the target list and text-to-speech software plays recorded telephone messages. Recording options vary by contact center, but almost all provide options for language, gender, age and accent of the computer generated voice.
  • The SMS text message feature is one of the few mobile marketing options available from marketing automation software vendors. The SMS campaign setup includes the script text, designated telecom service provider and optionally configured dynamic text blocks or field merges for personalization. The send function then forwards the file to an Eloqua service partner who transmits the SMS text messages.
  • The fax function works similar to the SMS text distribution. The campaign manager uploads a Word document to the fax campaign. The document can be appended with links, dynamic data blocks and field merging. The system then produces a print quality Word file which is forwarded to an Eloqua service partner who transmits the fax.
  • Eloqua includes content management system (CMS) functionality in order to organize, secure and share marketing assets. The central library displays a traditional nested file folder structure, labels assets with activity update history (i.e. Created By, Create Date, Last Modified By, Last Modified Date) and supports check-in/check-out file control, although the system does not have versioning controls. Marketing assets can be secured by group or individual user and assets can be designated with expiration dates, at which time the assets are moved from active to archive folders. There is also a listing showing which assets are being used by which campaigns, which can also be used to determine when assets are no longer relevant and can be removed. A nice social feature is that users can vote on which assets they most like.

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