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Reviewing the Eloqua Marketing Software Competitive Landscape By Major Market Criterion

By Software Scope
Eloqua delivers a software as a service (SaaS) marketing automation application with sophisticated lead acquisition and lead management capabilities, including multi-channel campaign management, email marketing, social media integration, landing pages, forms, lead scoring, CRM software integration and comprehensive reporting.

Primary competitor marketing automation vendors of similar software scope include, IBM Unica, Manticore, Marketbright, Marketo, Neolane, Oracle CRM on Demand, Pardot, Silverpop and Teradata Aprimo.
By Customer Size
Eloqua targets midrange and enterprise global companies, but retains customers of all sizes. The company's customer base consists of about 16% enterprise customers, 30% midsize customers and the remaining 54% made up of small and midsize businesses (SMB).

Marketing automation software competitors that target the enterprise market include IBM Unica and Teradata Aprimo.

Primary marketing software competitors which primarily serve the middle market, but occasionally acquire enterprise customers, include, Manticore, Marketbright, Marketo, Neolane, Oracle CRM on Demand and Silverpop.
By Vertical Market
Eloqua is in largest part a horizontal marketing automation software system, however, the company has acquired large numbers of customers in several industries, including financial services, health and pharmaceuticals, media and information networks, professional services, real estate and hospitality, software and technology, and sports and entertainment.

The closest marketing software competitor to target comparable vertical markets is Marketo, who retains industry customers in advertising and marketing, business and professional services, communications, healthcare, information services, manufacturing and hardware, non-profit and education, and software technology.
By Delivery Model
Eloqua delivers a cloud or software as a service (SaaS) marketing automation application from remote data centers using a subscription pricing model. The application is not available on-premises or as a private cloud solution.

Primary SaaS marketing software competitors with the same cloud deployment model include, IBM Unica, Manticore, Marketbright, Marketo, Neolane, Oracle CRM on Demand, Pardot, Silverpop and Teradata Aprimo.
By Geography
With global distribution, multi-currency management and multiple language editions, the Eloqua marketing software is a global solution, and as such, competes with other marketing automation software vendors able to deliver their wares on a worldwide basis, including IBM Unica and Teradata Aprimo.
By Price Point
With pricing in the range of $2,000 to $6,400 per month, Eloqua is at the high end of marketing automation software pricing.

The primary marketing software competitors also at the high end of software pricing include IBM Unica, Marketo and Teradata Aprimo.




About Eloqua

Eloqua's mantra is to automate the science of marketing, including campaign execution, testing, performance measurement, prospect profiling, and lead nurturing in order to allow marketers to drive revenue and do what they do best - build creative campaigns, deliver compelling content, acquire qualified leads and develop strong brands.



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