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Eloqua Marketing Software and Implementation Review

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Eloqua Review—Implementation & Pricing

Deployment Considerations

Eloqua provides a number of templates and tutorials to jump start the software implementation process. While the marketing software can be provisioned and accessible in one day, tasks such as the cleansing of data prior to import, security permissions assignment, thoughtful business process designs and reporting requirements will likely take several weeks to design and configure. The deployment process may be extended further if content such as landing pages, email letters, drip campaign deliverables and the like do not already exist.

Much of the marketing software implementation consists of creating business process flows using the workflow design tool called the Program Builder. The tool itself resembles a Visio diagram or object oriented flowchart depiction of tasks and activities and permits great flexibility. While the tool can be displayed in a table view for a seemingly simpler user interface, the more graphical presentation is not much of a learning curve and ultimately speeds setup and maintenance.

The company supports a vibrant user community with user group meetings, annual user conferences and an online portal. In fact, the online community consists of thousands of members who can virtually share ideas and collaborate among each other. Eloqua further facilitates knowledge sharing with its SmartXchange, a library of marketing programs and templates to accelerate deployment or improve operational performance.

The Eloqua AppCloud is an online marketplace that offers an ecosystem of connectors to integrate third party apps with your Eloqua system. AppCloud connectors and apps are categorized to allow simple browsing and evaluation, but surprisingly don't offer social capabilities such as user reviews, ratings or comments.

Eloqua has one of the most mature professional services consulting practices among marketing automation software vendors. Services can be delivered remotely, on-site, pursuant to a packaged implementation project or customized as necessary.

Customers seeking specialized or local implementation and professional services have the option to evaluate dozens of Eloqua business partners. Many of these agency and consulting partners are smaller, boutique firms which after the implementation can provide an array of operational services such as recurring health checks, systems management help or specific advice in how to take the system to the next level. These services are quite valuable in maximizing the system utilization and increasing your software payback.

Eloqua Pricing

Pricing is based on a combination of the size of the company's database and software features, and delivered pursuant to three editions—Marketer, Team and Enterprise—with pricing starting at $2,000 per month, $4,000 per month and about $6,400 per month, respectively. Each marketing software edition varies by number of users supported, software feature sets and customer support levels.

All editions include unlimited email distributions, live telephone support and the majority of software functions. The most notable feature which may drive customers to the Enterprise edition is the custom security groups, which are needed to assign security permissions by user.

Additional costs beyond the monthly subscription may apply for add-on software features, education, training, a dedicated account manager and other services.

Subscription contracts are for a minimum of one year, however, certain programs such as the Smart Start deployment package may allow opt out after an initial 6 month period.

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Eloqua Marketing Software Review



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