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Oracle Eloqua Review—Company Viability

With its first marketing software version launched in 2000 and over a decade of experience, Eloqua is one of the most mature marketing automation software vendors in the industry. And in an increasingly fragmented industry made up of venture backed start-ups and small but emerging growth companies, being under the Oracle banner makes Eloqua is one of the larger and more stable players.

Company strengths which suggest Eloqua may continue to retain a leadership role include the following.

  • The company is the de facto marketing automation software leader for the enterprise market.
  • The company shows impressive growth. Oracle is committed to making Eloqua the top marketing software solution, or what is often calls the marketing cloud solution.
  • Eloqua shows impressive software innovation. The company's newest version of its flagship product, as well as Eloqua Insight, an analytics and reporting application, better identify the most likely lead candidates and allow improved sales person facilitation with campaigns. The company release of its Eloqua Social Suite and AppCloud, an online ecosystem of social media, data management and other marketing related integration connectors to popular third party services.
  • Oracle Eloqua's global partnerships will aid the solution in increased enterprise and global customer acquisitions. Key business partners include Accenture, CapGemini, Harte-Hanks, Microsoft and (although the partnership is deteriorating).
  • The Oracle brand and company viability deliver a recognition and stability not often found in the marketing software industry.

However, like all marketing software technology vendors, the company is not without substantial risks.

  • Eloqua has top of mind share and a leadership position, however, both factors are increasingly challenged and at risk. Oracle Eloqua's messaging is often indistinguishable from several smaller competitors—causing the brand to lose relevance and degrade. Smaller competitors are acquiring customers at a feverish pace and may very well outpace Oracle Eloqua in the near term, passing Eloqua in total customer acquisitions, but probably not revenues.
  • Many of Oracle Eloqua customers use the CRM system. With its ExactTarget (and Pardot) acquisition, has expanded its social marketing cloud to include traditional marketing automation capabilities. Eloqua's one time partner has become a major competitor.

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