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3 stars
Marketo Ups the Ante in Marketing Automation Software
Marketo The Marketo customer engagement release demonstrates new innovation, in the forms of Smart Streams and content scoring, to address the perennial challenges of buyer engagement and delivering remarkable content. This is helpful technology for the modern marketer who seeks to deliver relevant, contextual and personalized content to recipients exactly when it’s needed.
3.5 stars
Marketo Marketing Software Discussion with Phil Fernandez
Phil Fernandez In this video discussion, Phil Fernandez, CEO of Marketo, explains Revenue Performance Management (RPM), how it solves the business problem of revenue growth, how it brings predictability to revenue progress (or lack thereof), how to get started deploying an RPM strategy, and the benefits derived from Revenue Performance Management success, including a 20 to 40% increase in revenue performance.
4.5 stars
Marketo Deep Dive Review
Marketo Review Marketo is an aggressive up and comer in the marketing software industry. This hyper growth company is a thought leader, practices what it preaches, delivers impressive lead management and marketing automation software and backs it all up with outstanding customer support. Marketo is jockeying for the top leadership position and has clearly become the marketing software vendor to catch.
3.5 stars
Revenue Disruption—Revenue Performance Management and the Cure for Revenue Dysfunction
Phil Fernandez In this podcast, Phil Fernandez, founder and CEO of Marketo, explains how a historical failure in sales and marketing alignment along with a disruptive change in the way buyers buy creates a revenue dysfunction that stifles top line revenue growth. In his new book, Revenue Disruption, he also shows how to cure this ill using new thinking and Revenue Performance Management.
  Gartner MarketScope Rates Marketo a 'Positive'
Gartner According to Gartner, by 2015, 30% of Global 2000 companies that focus on improving lead management processes will increase revenue 5% to 10% through better qualification, prioritization, distribution, augmentation, allocation, tracking and closing of leads from multiple lead-gen sources. The Gartner MarketScope for CRM Lead Management has assigned a 'positive' rating to Marketo.
  Marketo Makes the CRM Watchlist
ZDNet A year ago, Marketo didn't make the watchlist. However, a year later they have improved the level of their integration with the other CRM software pillars (sales and customer service) and strengthened their social capabilities. Now Watchlist manager and thought leader Paul Greenberg challenges them to strengthen their thought leadership and increase their market impact. More ... Go To


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This How To Guide provides a sample illustration, references repeatable best practices and delivers on the specific steps and actions necessary to manage your software selection project, define your marketing software requirements, create a useful requirements document - and make the most informed purchase decision when selecting a lead management system or marketing automation software solution.

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About Marketo

Since its founding in 2006, Marketo has risen to become a leading provider of marketing and lead management software solutions. The company emphasizes revenue cycle management and is a prolific provider of useful marketing content. The Marketo product is known for its quick implementation, ease of use, tight integration with and satisfied users.




In our second year of using Marketo, we now drive significantly more sales opportunities with the same budget and have increased sales-ready leads by 400%."

John Watton, VP Marketing, ShipServ


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