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Oracle CRM on Demand Capabilities Review

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Additional CRM Suite Breadth
In addition to the core CRM applications of sales, marketing and service, CRM on Demand offers a unique app called Deal Management which analyzes price points for improved pricing and profitability in the opportunity management process. It delivers an understanding of market pricing by comparing the current deal against like deals and permits sales pros and sales managers to perform what-if modeling against alternative pricing or margin goals. This module is strong tool for businesses that recognize items rarely sell at list price, however, price is the most important lever businesses have to improve profits.

Additional unique or high value features across the CRM suite include the following:

  • A tailorable presentation layer. The user interface supports application resizing, several themes, simple skinning and custom logos to rebrand the application for a more personal look.
  • Mobile CRM is fulfilled with two solutions. Oracle Mobile Sales Assistant operates in both connected and disconnected modes on the RIM Blackberry, iPhone and iPad and provides access to salient account, contact, opportunity and calendar information, and supports productivity measures such as note taking and maps integration. Oracle plans to support Android in the future. The Mobile Sales Forecast app operates on the iPhone and iPad and delivers real time access to the opportunity pipeline. It permits limited filtering of opportunities for pipeline modeling, comparison to quota plans and offline access using data caching. Both apps are intuitive and well designed for mobile form factors, however, there's really no reason they shouldn't be merged into a single mobile app.
  • Time-based workflows automate business processes and are capable of inserting records and distributing notifications. Workflow definitions are flexible and permit configuring a 'wait' step or time-based trigger for any process step. This is a powerful tool for automating business processes.
  • CRM on Demand support for vertical markets is uniquely strong. In fact, while most SaaS CRM systems use the same horizontal CRM product and customize a few fields or the services implementation delivery for their claimed industries, Oracle's on-demand software has been more deeply tailored to accommodate industry-specific feature sets and business requirements. For example, CRM for Life Sciences includes mass creation of planned sales calls, assessment types, book of business support for samples and enhanced PDC assessments. Similarly, CRM for Insurance includes needed capabilities such as policy origination support (OPA integration), policy object enhancements (audit, custom object association, attachment and book support, dynamic layout support), books of financial plans, risk classification and premium calculations, claims adjudication and payment calculations, and self-service quoting for customers and brokers.
  • The adaptive business planning functionality is unique among SaaS CRM systems and particularly relevant for both growth companies and businesses realigning themselves in response to events such as the lingering global recession. Oracle's system facilitates planning and execution with capabilities such as trend analysis which delivers early visibility into potential disruptions and subsequent updates to modified plans. The ability to dynamically realign business and sales planning capabilities empowers companies to more quickly respond to changing business scenarios or fluid market conditions.
  • The system provides email synchronization with Outlook and Lotus Notes. And very similar to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, with release 19 Oracle CRM now also offers an Outlook UI which delivers CRM on Demand directly from an Outlook interface that includes leads, accounts, opportunities and PIM data (contacts, tasks and appointments). This CRM Desktop for Outlook operates in both connected and disconnected modes, thereby also delivering an offline edition. For the more than 400 million global Outlook users, this familiar CRM interface may be effective for adoption and productivity.

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Oracle CRM on Demand Review






Oracle offers the most deployment options in the SaaS CRM industry. Oracle CRM On Demand can be deployed using a multi-tenant cloud model, a single-tenant cloud model or on-premises.


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