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Oracle CRM on Demand Integration and Customization

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Integration and Customization
Software integration can be accommodated with built-in data exchange tools, prebuilt integrations and traditional web service APIs based on XML/SOAP standards.

Integration routines and extensions permit users to extend and embed external content and custom HTML to create mashups. At the application and process levels, integration events used in conjunction with the workflow tool support automated triggers for cross-application processes based on changes to information in the CRM system. Oracle also offers XML web services for integration at the data layer, while adhering to business rules and system integrity validation. Using tools such as IBM WebSphere, Microsoft .NET or BEA WebLogic, administrators can use XML/SOAP APIs to access business logic and data services and retrieve, modify, create, delete or synchronize information.

The CRM On Demand Integration Pack uses Fusion middleware and a prebuilt connector to link up CRM on Demand with the Oracle E-Business Suite at the presentation, application and data layers in order to extend front office business processes to the back office and deliver a more comprehensive view of the customer relationship. New customer and contact records created in On Demand are automatically sync'd with E-Business Suite making this a good solution for E-Business Suite customers seeking a tier 2 CRM solution for regional, line of business or satellite office locations. An additional integration pack is available for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.

CRM on Demand permits software customization at the presentation, application and data layers. The primary business process customization tools include workflow and advanced field management. Both tools facilitate customization within the constructs of the application, do not impact source code and are designed to not break during upgrades. Customers also have the option to configure extensions or uploaded custom content as web applets or web tabs. Basic customizations and files such as JavaScript, SWF, HTML and CSS can be uploaded to Oracle hosting.

Presentation layer personalization is performed via software configuration. Beyond selection of themes and skins, tabs can be re-named, re-sequenced and hidden. Search can be configured to display more relevant search results. Screens and forms can be modified to include dynamic layouts, and display different types of records in different page structures. Dynamic layouts are effective in reducing clutter and delivering only the information users need for each record type.

The application layer may be modified or extended with the workflow tool, scripting or advanced field management. Data layer modification supports custom fields, custom objects and custom data relationships, enabling organizations to link custom objects to prebuilt objects or to other custom objects. Back with release 16 Oracle expanded the application from a limit of three custom objects per system to an unlimited number.

CRM On Demand vertical market editions are available for the automotive, financial services, high technology, insurance, life sciences, and wealth management industries. Each industry version features out-of-the-box business processes, data models, object models, and business logic designed to support unique requirements for these industries. Industry specific structural capabilities include:

At the presentation layer, the user interface offers industry-specific views and application flows as well as industry specific data objects and tabs.

At the data level, the system extends relationships among multiple data objects—such as an enhanced data model supporting B2C and B2B sales.

At the process level, the system delivers prebuilt industry specific business process workflows and analytics for more relevant reporting.

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Screens and forms can be modified to include dynamic layouts, and display different types of records in different page structures. Dynamic layouts are effective in reducing clutter and delivering only the most relevant information users need for each record type.

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