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Pardot Marketing Software

Customer Segment Sales Distribution Product
Prospect Insight Small and Midsize Business Largely Direct Sales Force Lead management and marketing automation software for lead acquisition, scoring, nurturing, segmentation, lead transfer and reporting

Pardot Marketing Automation Software Capabilities

Pardot is the maker of Prospect Insight, a lead management and marketing automation software suite designed to streamline online marketing campaigns for small-and-medium sized businesses. The Prospect Insight product was designed to simplify online marketing. Software product tools are designed for non-technical marketers and include pre-formatted templates, easy drag-and-drop builders and step-by-step wizards to guide users through marketing processes.

Marketers can create custom landing pages in several clicks or build a branded and personalized email newsletter with the template library and a visual editor. Then, use these new campaign elements to acquire prospects and create drip marketing campaigns to nurture leads. Score and grade inbound leads with a flexible point based system. Set up rules to automatically segment prospects for follow-up, assign them to your sales force and monitor their advancement. Sync this new-found information with your CRM system, creating a seamless flow of data that encourages adoption across your organization. And finally review your performance with dashboard analysis and reporting.

Key components and capabilities of the Pardot marketing automation software include:

  • Email marketing—including email blasts, drip marketing, auto-responders and an Outlook plug-in
  • Landing pages—including rich design of forms and landing pages with a drag and drop designer
  • Lead scoring—the automated scoring of leads based on flexible criteria and point systems
  • Prospect tracking—identification of website visitors and activity tracking with micro-web analytics
  • Lead transfer—routing of sales-ready leads to the sales force based on various criteria
  • CRM integration—integrations with, SugarCRM, Netsuite and Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Campaign reporting—performance analysis for lead generation, conversion factors, marketing spend and ROI
  • LeadDeck—a unique desktop application that delivers real-time alerts on visitor and prospect activities
  • Free Visitor ID—tracks and identifies the web site anonymous visitors and their organizations

Pardot segments customer pricing by Service Plans.

  • The Group Service Plan is priced at $500 per month
  • The Professional Service Plan is priced at $1,000 per month
  • The Enterprise Service Plan is priced at $1,500 per month
  • The Ultimate Service Plan is priced at $3,000 per month

The company also offers quick start consulting programs, such as a Silver program for $2500 or a Gold program for $5000. Service Plans are free of long-term commitments. Additional restrictions, parameters and separately priced products may pertain to each service plan. Contact Pardot for more information.

Pardot Cloud Delivery

Pardot operates a data center infrastructure which has achieved an impressive record of uptime reliability. For maximum redundancy, the company operates two concurrent and identical data centers located in Seattle, WA and Dallas, TX, with master-master replication between both production and backup databases. The tier 4 data center hosts posses SAS 70 Type II certifications.





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Address 950 East Paces Ferry Road
Suite 3300
Atlanta, GA 30326
Contact +1.404.492.6845
Email [email protected]




Now [with Pardot] we have visibility into who is visiting our website, and we're able to better tailor our marketing messages. We've improved our speed from campaign inception to development by 75 percent. We have increased our lead conversion by 65 percent. Pardot pays for itself every month."

Courtney Wiley, Director of Digital Marketing, INgage Networks


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