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Government officials want to get closer to constituents and make their work more visible and transparent. Citizens want shorter wait times to contact government representatives, less frustration in finding available services, outcomes that are delivered when promised, and ultimately greater constituent satisfaction. They also want to trust their public service providers. CRM is the strategy and enabling technology to bridge the gap between citizens and their elected officials. Public Sector CRM
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Public sector CRM is all about Constituent Relationship Management. Government and NGOs are increasingly using CRM technology to engage citizens in social media channels, deliver citizen self-service, deploy 311 services, design smarter cities with citizen input and most of all, grow relationships and trust with citizens.

Public Sector and Government CRM Strategies and Technologies
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How 311 Systems Improve Citizen Services and Earn Citizen Trust
311 Systems Improving constituent service by implementing a 311 system is one of the most direct investments to effect the way citizens view their local government. More importantly, using 311 to deliver the services citizens most want is a hallmark of good local government and goes a very long way toward earning the trust and praise of citizens. Here are the top 311 system capabilities and citizen benefits.
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CRM Adapted To Veteran Relationship Management
Veteran CRM Here's how one organization's innovative use of CRM is improving the lives of others. VetAdvisor sought to rethink the typical case management approach to serving veterans. Instead of treating individual ailments they decided to employ a CRM strategy with enabling technology to build relationships and treat the whole veteran. The results are impressive and serve as an inspiration to others.
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States and Federal Government Embrace Cloud CRM
Government CRM State and federal Government agencies are turning to the cloud en masse for the same reason many enterprises are—to get through tough times on as little cash outlay as possible. The search is on for hosted business software applications; and close to the top of that list for a move to the cloud is CRM, a move fueled by the U.S. governments embrace of the cloud and constituent transparency.
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CRM For Nonprofits—12 Steps to Hiring Your Chief Relationship Officer
Non Profit CRM CRM for Non-Profits may not apply the same CRM software features sets such as Sales Force Automation (SFA) or customer support, but the objectives and purpose are no less critical — Nor is the person who champions the many Not-For-Profit relationships. When selecting the right CRM system for your nonprofit organization, treat it like hiring a Chief Relationship Officer.
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Successful Public Sector CRM: It's The Incentive, Stupid
Public Sector CRM With public sector CRM, the incentive structure is different from that in private enterprise. Those determined to field a successful Constituent Relationship Management program in government must identify what incentives citizens will respond to, and align the CRM program to use such an incentive structure. Here we look at the challenges and solutions of Government CRM.

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More References

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