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Salesnet Sweet Spot and Alternative Products

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Salesnet CRM Best Fit and Alternative Solutions

Salesnet Sweet Spot
Short list Salesnet when:

  • You're seeking a best of breed sales force automation (SFA) product.
  • Your CRM requirements go beyond data management and focus on business process automation.
  • You're looking for a simple, low cost, quick to deploy sales and marketing software system.
  • You seek a close working relationship and flexible professional services with your CRM provider.

Alternative Solutions
CRM software buyers may be best advised to consider alternative products when:

  • Seeking a full CRM suite which includes customer service and support.
  • Seeking CRM with tightly integrated social CRM (sCRM) capabilities.
  • You have a field sales force with the need to create quotes or take sale orders.
  • Seeking vertically focused industry solutions.

Closing Remarks

Despite a product that languished for over two years while hovering under the RightNow banner, the new venture has shown that Salesnet clients are loyal and that the new management team is capable of advancing the CRM solution and growing the company. In fact, the company has released a significant new version, which CEO Scott Farmer speaks to when he references "The New Salesnet", along with new capabilities such as ubiquitous browser support, drag and drop controls, new dashboard capabilities, improved analytics, process and workflow improvements and a new mobile CRM solution.

If the company continues to advance the product, support its clients, grow its brand and find unique competitive differentiation, they will continue to be a credible solution in a competitive cloud CRM software marketplace.

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Salesnet CRM Review




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