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Salesnet CRM System Capabilities Review

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Additional Capabilities

  • Mobile CRM permits users to access their sales and marketing data regardless of location. Salesnet mobile CRM helps remote staff manage leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities, appointments and tasks using their smart phone with any standards-compliant browser and supports the Blackberry OS (4.6+, 5.x), Apple iPhone iOS (3+, 4+), Windows Mobile (6.1+), and Google Android (2.1+). Mobile data does not reside locally on the device.
  • Access to CRM information is delivered through a library of fairly well designed reports. The CRM solution permits an open-ended capability to create and manage an unlimited number of account, activity, opportunity, pipeline, forecast and other sales reports. Custom report definitions can be saved and shared. As is the norm among cloud CRM systems, business intelligence (BI) is delivered via well designed, 3D interactive dashboards, but more advanced BI in the forms of data warehousing, online analytical processing (OLAP) and predictive analytics are not available within the packaged software, however, the data can be extracted to third party business intelligence tools.
  • Groupware and email integration is achieved through an Outlook add-in that syncs contacts, calendar appointments, tasks, and emails directly into the application. From within Outlook, users can automatically link sent and received emails to contacts or manually link to sale opportunities.
  • Business process automation is uniquely strong in Salesnet. The Sales Process Workflow System is perhaps the most impressive workflow design tool among SaaS CRM solutions. It's also distinctive enough that it's backed by its own patent. Workflow processes can be created by non-technical staff using a simple structure of steps and activities. This is a powerful tool for both tailoring and automating business processes in order to achieve improved consistency, reduced cycle times and better staff productivity.
  • Offline access to CRM information is achieved with an offline client. This permits users to access and update their CRM records while offline and then synchronize to the central system when Internet connectivity is re-established. Users have full flexibility to add, edit, and delete accounts, contacts, opportunities (including opportunity steps), notes, appointments and tasks. The offline client uses a lightweight MSDE database, however, a scheduled upgrade plans to convert to the SQL compact/express database. This next version upgrade also plans to encrypt the CRM data on the laptop or mobile device.
  • Global CRM reach is limited to English speakers. Salesnet supports multi-currency management with multiple currency designations for records such as opportunities, primary currency designation and currency conversion rates, however, the only language supported is English.
  • Social CRM or social media tools are not available in the application at this time.

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