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Reviewing the Salesnet CRM Competitive Landscape

By Software Scope Salesnet offers a deep software as a service (SaaS) CRM suite which includes sales force automation (SFA), marketing software and mobile CRM. Unlike many CRM vendors which expand their product breadth with horizontal additions, platform-as-a-service offerings, back-office solutions and the like, Salesnet tends to advance their product with deeper functionality and increasingly more sophisticated process automation. The strategy of going deep rather than wide makes Salesnet a strong best of breed SFA solution.

The most directly comparable SaaS CRM competitors include Microsoft Dynamics CRM, NetSuite CRM+,, Professional or Enterprise Editions, and SugarCRM.
By Customer Size Salesnet CRM retains a diversified customer base but the company's CRM solution caters in largest part to the small and midsize business (SMB) market. Salesnet's sweet spot is the small business company with less than 100 users.

Primary SMB competitors in this space include Sage CRM,'s Professional Edition and SugarCRM.
By Vertical Market Salesnet is a horizontal CRM software system, although business partners occasionally adapt the system for industry specific needs. For example, business partner Organization in-a-box has developed a solution for community-based organizations, primarily targeted at small non-profits such as parent-teacher groups and various non-profit leadership teams. Salesnet expects further business partner relationships whereby partners apply domain knowledge and vertical expertise to enhance the Salesnet products for specific industries. The company does not currently offer an online ecosystem or marketplace of integrated third party products.
By Delivery Model Salesnet CRM is only available in the Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model. There is not an option for a private cloud or on-premises installation.

Primary SaaS-only CRM competitors include NetSuite CRM+ and
By Geography Salesnet's customer base is global but largely limited to English speaking countries. The Salesnet software supports multi-currency management with multiple currency designations for records such as opportunities, primary currency designation and currency conversion rates, however, the only language supported is English. Salesnet has business partners in the UK, Australia and other select locations around the world.

Other global CRM solutions include Microsoft Dynamics CRM, NetSuite CRM+, Oracle CRM on Demand, RightNow,, and SAP Sales on Demand and Business By Design.
By Price Point Salesnet CRM is priced at $30 to $70 per user per month. The subscription pricing is all inclusive and customers are not likely to get surprised with hidden add-on fees. The CRM suite is one of the more affordable CRM solutions in the cloud marketplace.

Salesnet's primary competitors at this price point are Microsoft Dynamics CRM and open source maker SugarCRM.



About Salesnet

Salesnet delivers a hosted CRM suite which includes sales force automation software, marketing software and mobile CRM. While officially a RightNow Technologies operating unit, the company operates independently and each company pursues different target markets. RightNow focuses on the B2C industry with its customer service and customer experience solutions, while Salesnet focuses on the B2B industry with its sales and marketing software solutions.



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