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Salesnet Sales Force Automation Review

Sales force automation is the single greatest core competency of Salesnet. The SFA product is feature rich and designed to facilitate and enhance effective sales processes and best practices.

Salesnet SFA strikes a good balance between ease of use and a wide suite of features, and in turn is clearly one of the more well received SFA applications by sales people. A 'Keep It Simple' approach enables good configuration selection while at the same time permits much of the unused functionality for a particular customer to remain out of sight, and consequently out of mind.

The Process Builder workflow automation tool is particularly strong for ensuring consistent sales processes are applied to each account and sale opportunity. This tool is also quite flexible and allows administrators or sales managers to define different processes for different sales reps or mix processes based on the sale opportunity. Process Builder also allows managers to grant usage based on workflows specific to each position, team or user. Applying best practices and consistent sales processes to every sale opportunity is often the single greatest method sales staff and sales managers can do to increase the sales win rate. Salesnet's strong facilitation in this area makes it a clear SFA leader.

On the downside, win/loss analysis is light and competitive analysis is missing. The only other functional component missing in the SFA software is the ability to create quotes.

The sales reporting is more deep than broad but covers all the basics and provides good pipeline and forecast reporting. A unique and helpful feature that we don't see in other CRM systems is the Report Snapshots—which record point in time snapshots of your subtotal report outputs and make the comparison to prior periods or historical data a whole lot easier. In fact, the comparisons viewing can contrast two report snapshots in a color-coded comparison report to gain an easy visual perspective on how your sales pipeline is changing.

Marketing Software

Like most SaaS CRM marketing software modules, the marketing application revolves around campaign management with campaign profiles including user-defined attributes, target list generation with account segmentation, broadcast email distributions, mail merging and basic campaign reporting. Simple budgeting and actual cost data provide the basis for campaign level financial performance and ROI calculations while response rates and conversion factors deliver campaign effectiveness reporting.

Campaign list generation can be applied to leads, contacts or opportunity record sets. Email documents may be created from templates and a rich text HTML editor within the application. For compliance with the CAN-SPAM act, users can create unsubscribe forms for opt-out responses.

The Salesnet XDC (eXternal Data Capture) can be used as a flexible web-to-lead form to automatically transfer website inquiries into the leads database. This tool also permits configurable lead routing, client redirection and assignment options. Campaign generated leads can be maintained in a queue and assigned to sales reps via round robin or other sequencing.

As with several other cloud CRM solutions in which marketing software does not receive the same focus as either SFA or service, the Salesnet marketing software is largely a campaign tracking function without any type of marketing process automation. The marketing software is missing some fundamental functionality such as PPC (Pay Per Click) or Adword integration and email response metrics such as open, click and bounce rates. As is the norm with cloud CRM applications, advanced marketing capabilities such as digital marketing, anonymous website visitor tracking, lead scoring, progressive profiling and rich marketing analytics are also not present.

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