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Salesnet CRM Software Comparison

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Salesnet Strengths and Weaknesses

Competitive positioning in the SaaS CRM market is highlighted with the following strengths and weaknesses.

Salesnet CRM Strengths

  • An easy to use sales force automation (SFA) system with impressive business process automation, mobile CRM support and reporting.
  • A feature rich CRM system capable of supporting business requirements of middle market companies.
  • A strong offline client and broad mobile CRM provide excellent support to sales staff outside the office.
  • A quick to deploy CRM software system.
  • A flexible CRM software company, willing and able to accommodate customer requests and deliver packaged or custom professional services.

Salesnet CRM Weaknesses

  • A lack of social CRM and social media tools.
  • No support for quotes or sale order processing.
  • No customer service module.
  • No data center hosting service level agreement (SLA).
  • Salesnet faces significant competition from large and mature CRM software technology companies such as, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Oracle and SugarCRM. Carving out the unique space or niche markets where it will surpass these competitors remains a work in progress.

Salesnet Pricing

The Salesnet CRM product is bundled in two editions—Standard and Enterprise.

The Salesnet Standard edition is priced at $30.00 per user per month. This bundle includes the flagship sales force automation product along with most tools, including the Process Builder, Outlook integration, dashboards, reporting and more. Software feature sets not included in the Standard Edition, but offered in the Enterprise Edition, can be individually purchased with the Standard Edition if desired.

The Salesnet Enterprise edition is priced at $70.00 per user per month, and offers additional feature sets such as the leads database, marketing software, offline client, mobile CRM, external forms to capture and insert records and the API. The Enterprise edition also includes telephone support.

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