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Salesnet Company Viability Review

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Deployment Considerations

Salesnet implementations strike a balance between having enough configuration options to tailor the system for your users and business processes and having more than enough, where implementations get bogged down in deciphering options and deployment issues which consume time however add little incremental value.

A vanilla Salesnet implementation can be accomplished without external consultants, however, taking advantage of Salenet or third party consultants will clearly accelerate the process, better leverage the software and probably result in a more rewarding experience.

Salesnet offers packaged consulting programs, such as the Quick Start Implementation, which bundle services and costs. Custom implementation packages are also available and the company is flexible with consulting delivery, be it on site or online. A Salesnet consulting service we would like to see more SaaS CRM vendors offer is the Tune Up Sessions. CRM implementations are never really doneā€”and failing to systemically advance your CRM software over time clearly limits your software investment ROI. The Tune Up Sessions review your CRM system usage and identify feature sets, process automation, reporting or other avenues where you can get more value out of your Salesnet CRM system.

Another unique service from Salesnet is outsourced administration. This service is flexible, but often includes typical system administration functions such as user management with security permissions, data management, process changes and automation setup, or creating new dashboards or reports. For companies short on IT staff, leveraging the experts as the system administrators is far more helpful and productive than delegating the task to a sales clerk or other under-utilized resource.

Additional help is available from the Salesnet Help Center, accessible by clicking the Help icon within the CRM application. This customer service portal includes online help, detailed reference manuals, FAQs, video tutorials and help ticket submission. Live helpdesk support is also available although additional fees may apply.

Salesnet Company Viability

Salesnet is a unique entity in that it resembles both a start-up entrepreneurial company and a division of a larger publicly traded company. In reality, it's an independent operating unit of a public software technology company, however, small enough that business unit performance is not individually reported. This makes verifying the ventures financial condition and company viability far more difficult than when reviewing other public and more transparent competitors.

What is clear is that Salesnet faces formidable competition in the SaaS CRM software marketplace from both industry titans and best of breed sales force automation emerging growth companies.

Primary cloud CRM competition comes from the well recognized brands of and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. However, competition is broad and includes many other SaaS CRM vendors such as NetSuite CRM+, Oracle CRM on Demand,, SugarCRM and Zoho CRM.

Beyond direct competitor threats, additional operational risks for Salesnet include a young executive team, challenged brand recognition, unclear promotional messaging, few meaningful alliances and uncertain product innovation.

Providing an offsetting level of assurance may come in the fact that Salesnet is at the moment part of RightNow Technologies (Nasdaq: RNOW), which itself is a highly credible and solid organization.

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