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About: Salesnet is a RightNow Technologies (Nasdaq: RNOW) independent operating unit and provider of cloud CRM software solutions for small and midsize businesses. The company's core competency and software strength lies in its combination of easy to use sales force automation (SFA) software coupled with tightly integrated business process automation.
Founded: The company was founded in 1997, and began production operations in 1999, by Jonathan Tang and Rich Perkett, then President and CTO respectively. Salesnet was originally known as and changed its name to Salesnet, Inc. in 2000.
History: The company was initially headquartered in Boston by its founders. Following some early success, the company secured venture financing, but a lack of continued high growth brought internal pressures which ultimately left the company considering liquidation options.

In May 2006 Salesnet was acquired by RightNow Technologies for $9 million. The intent of the acquisition was to bolster RightNow's SFA capabilities. However, a steady change in market direction which de-emphasized the B2B market and a continued change in product strategy that further de-emphasized sales force automation in favor of customer support and customer experience ultimately jettisoned Salesnet to become an independent operating unit in September 2008.
Ownership: An independent operating unit of RightNow Technologies (Nasdaq: RNOW).
Key Staff:
Scott Farmer Scott Farmer, CEO
Scott was previously the leader of Salesnet business partner and value added reseller (VAR) SFA Strategies. Based on the success of that organization, he organized the new Salesnet venture with RightNow.
Tod Madderra Tod Madderra, CTO
Tod has been the Salesnet CTO, and in charge to technology strategy and software development production, since 2008. He previously managed the Madderra Group consultancy.
Lynn Madderra Lynn Madderra, VP of Operations
Lynn manages operations, professional services and product management. She's involved with pretty much all customer facing operations and has developed an impressive reputation among customers.
Customers: Over 200 customers representing over 5000 users. Customers include ITSM Academy, LXE, Sovereign Bank and Tellabs.
Competitors: Primary Salesnet software as a service (SaaS) CRM competitors include the following:
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Oracle CRM On Demand
  • Zoho CRM



About Salesnet

Salesnet delivers a hosted CRM suite which includes sales force automation software, marketing software and mobile CRM. While officially a RightNow Technologies operating unit, the company operates independently and each company pursues different target markets. RightNow focuses on the B2C industry with its customer service and customer experience solutions, while Salesnet focuses on the B2B industry with its sales and marketing software systems.





"Salesnet's process capability allows us to quickly implement best practices and update the practices within minutes. We looked at a variety of different CRM solutions, but only Salesnet gave us the flexibility to customize the software based on our processes, instead of the other way around."

Lisa Schwartz, COO ITSM Academy

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