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Reviewing the SAP Business ByDesign Competitive Landscape

By Software Scope SAP Business ByDesign offers a broad CRM suite along with fully integrated accounting and ERP software.
On-demand competitors of similar software scope include NetSuite, Salesforcecom teamed with AppExchange partner, Intacct and WorkDay and possibly Zoho for the small business market.
Primary on premise competitors include Sage and Microsoft Dynamics CRM along with any of its four ERP lines (AX, Nav, GP and SL), although these competitive products are more closely aligned with SAP Business One and Business All-in-One.
By Customer Size The Business ByDesign target market is currently the small and midsize enterprise (SME) space, although we expect the product to gradually scale up to accommodate some entry into the enterprise market.
Interestingly, Business ByDesign is also satisfying demand as a tier 2 system, for divisions of large and global companies, which do not want to inherit or operate the complexities and overhead of their parent companies tier 1 applications.
Primary competitors also spanning these target markets include NetSuite, Oracle CRM on Demand, RightNow and
By Vertical Market Similar to Microsoft Dynamics, the Business ByDesign solution does not focus on industry-specific solutions, however, empowers partners with its application development platform and app store to develop and distribute industry-specific solutions.
CRM competitors which also offer third party ecosystems and marketplaces for expanding into vertical markets include Microsoft's Dynamics Marketplace, NetSuite's, Sage CRM's Partner Solution Source,'s AppExchange, SugarCRM's SugarExchange and Zoho's online Marketplace.
By Delivery Model Business ByDesign is only delivered in the Software as a Service model. No on-premise option is available.
Primary SaaS CRM competitors include Microsoft Dynamics CRM, RightNow, and SugarCRM.
Primary SaaS CRM and ERP competitors include and NetSuite and with any of its three main accounting/ERP AppExchange partners of Intacct, FinancialForce or Workday.
By Geography With global distribution, multi-currency management and multiple language editions, SAP Business ByDesign is currently available in China, France, Germany, India, UK, US, Austria, Canada and Switzerland. We expect additional named country support to be announced in the near term. While worldwide market coverage does not yet match SaaS competitors Microsoft, NetSuite, Oracle, RightNow, or SugarCRM, Business ByDesign is a multi-national solution that competes with other global leaders, irrespective of any particular region.
By Price Point The SAP Business ByDesign is priced near the top of the SaaS competitive landscape. At $149 per user per month, only is priced higher, and then only with's Unlimited Edition. However, pricing is subjective as the software scope among competing solutions varies greatly, and Business ByDesign is a very broad software suite where some competitors would be required to team multiple vendor solutions to match.

Other high investment cloud solutions come from NetSuite, RightNow and, while lower subscription and total cost of ownership (TCO) solutions include Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Oracle CRM on Demand and SugarCRM.





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